Zoo is intended to be a quietly confident chair range that is genuinely versatile. Small business meeting, conference or lecture rooms are those spaces for which Zoo is perfect. It will add colour and unique atmosphere to such places. 

Dozens of varied configurations allow for full adjustment of the chairs to the circumstances in which they are to be used. They can be combined in rows, numbered and arranged around a conference room or lecture room. After the event they can be easily placed one on top of another and in this way the area can be neatly ordered in the blink of an eye.


Zoo is available in a variety of colours. 

Seat: Plastic or upholstered
Backrest: Plastic, mesh or upholstered



Four Legs Without Armrests:
W 490 mm  H 800 mm  SH 470 mm D 450 mm

Four Legs With Armrests:
W 570 mm  H 800 mm  SH 470 mm D 450 mm

Sled Base Without Armrests:
W 470 mm  H 800 mm  SH 470 mm D 450 mm

Sled Base With Armrests:
W 570 mm  H 800 mm  SH 470 mm D 450 mm



Paul Brooks


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