A KFive+Kinnarps Designer Wins Young Designer of the Year 2018

Congratulations Antrei Hartikainen! We are very happy to congratulate one of our cabinetmaker masters for being granted the Young Designer of the Year Award. Antrei is a young Finnish master cabinetmaker living in Fiskars. His work combines traditional carpentry techniques with modern designs. In 2015 he designed the Skandinavia Coat Rack for Nikari. 


"In his work, Antrei Hartikainen combines traditional carpentry skills and Finnish wood processing with modern design. The young master cabinetmaker living in Fiskars makes his own small batch products and does cooperation projects with designers and companies without drawing a strict line between art and utility. Antrei Hartikainen’s wooden furniture and household items have already received a lot of attention both in Finland and abroad. He also makes unique works combining art and design, in which a utility item is seen in a new light or a different context."

In 2015, Antrei Hartikainen designed the Skandinavia AHN1 Coat Rack for Nikari. Available in ash, birch or oak. Finished in natural oil mixture or water based lacquer. This beautiful coat rack epitomises Nikari's belief in quality and sustainable design.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.59.57 am.png