UpDown is a modular seating collection of upholstered furniture pieces. It is as flexible as you need it to be. Wide variety of system elements easy to combine offers an infinite number of seating configurations. Behind its unique design UpDown collection features modern technology, comfort and ergonomics. This extinguishing collection suitable for spacious interiors allows to construct any arrangement depending on interior plan and users’ needs. The highest quality foam as well as a solid metal structure inside the furniture guarantee high comfort and durability.


Your seating arrangement can be created by choosing from over 100 upholstery colours. Each piece can be finished off with either metal or wooden legs. 



2 Seat Bench
W 1400 mm   H 460 mm   SH 460 mm   D 620 mm

2 Seat Bench with backrest
W 1400 mm   H 830 mm   SH 460 mm   D 690 mm

1 seat bench
W 700 mm     H 460 mm   SH 460 mm   D 620 mm

1 seat bench with low backrest
W 700 mm     H 730 mm   SH 460 mm   D 640 mm

1 seat bench with high backrest
W 700 mm     H 830 mm   SH 460 mm   D 640 mm

W 700 mm     H 450 mm   D 620 mm


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