THE PERFECT SNOWFLAKE. Inspired by nature's most space-efficient shapes, Trixagon presents a perfect solution. A unique, stimulating table for creative environments. The six-sided hexagon shape can be found in nature; for instance in snowflakes, in honeycombs and in tortoise shells. It is one of the most space-efficient shapes in nature which can be combined and fitted together in infinite combinations. This is why the Trixagon range is designed in this way. Being innovative, flexible and stimulating all at once.

Our Trixagon range is a natural part of creative environments. Developed to suit modern project-based working methods and to stimulate active learning and communication. Trixagon consists of tables, storage units and stools in an exciting and appealing hexagonal pattern. The unique flexibility of the range lets you easily create combinations to suit situations, individuals and groups. Everything fits together and the possibilities are endless. The furniture can be downsized, moved apart or extended to meet all needs. Individual workplaces, meeting zones, project spaces or rest areas. It is like a puzzle that will never be solved. A creative representation that can be customised for maximum use. Based on how you choose to position the different parts, you can create entirely different environments, where storage units, seating areas and tables can be combined into a functional whole.


Chipboard and steel



W 1615 mm     H 740 mm     D 1600 mm



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