Celebrating the Bridgford House by Robin Boyd (1954)

Robin Boyd's 'Bridgford House' (1954) is an architectural ode to reflection and simplicity soaking up the sea-breeze and sunshine of its Half Moon Bay beach position on the corner of Beach Road and Bayview Crescent.

Australia's most renowned architect, Boyd designed this free-flowing, single-level home for a family and thanks to its owners, its original state has been proudly maintained.

Alongside the homes owner and architect Maggie Edmond, KFive+Kinnarps had the honour of co-hosting a special brunch event to celebrate the legacy of Boyd’s iconic design.

Take a look through our gallery below, and view the Boyd Collection here

Photos by V1s1onforce Studio



Built in 1954 on a 50-feet wide corner with no attractive outlook, the house is planned for self -contained views. It occupies almost the entire allotment, the roof beams virtually spanning the full width between brick walls built on the long side boundaries. The roof covers about half of this area and the remainder, shaded by the pergola of beams and louvres, is a private garden paved with slate and set with plating strips, some tiled section and a pond. Every room overlooks this private garden through a diving wall consisting of a single fixed pane of plate glass. Ventilation, and doors from rooms to the garden, are on the side “return” walls. Slab floor covered with C.S.R. asphalt tiles throughout. External walls brick; internal timber with Karri and hardwood lining. Ceiling in hardwood.