Slope, a display shelf on which you can combine informative material and magazines of varying height, width and thickness. Slope’s shelves lean backwards, which enable you to display both thin and thick materials of different heights without them folding over or falling forwards. Slope is available in four heights and four widths, either with sloping shelves only or combined with a magnetic whiteboard or noticeboard covered in Bulletin Board. Use Slope in receptions, staff rooms, waiting rooms in hospitals, museums, shops, churches, car showrooms, etc.


Slope comes in oak, birch and standard colours. A metal rail is used to hang it on the wall. 

Magnetic whiteboard or noticeboard covered in Bulletin Board in anthracite grey (colour number 2209) or felt in colour light-grey, anthracite, red and off white.



Single Row
W 270/540/1080/1620 mm     H 392 mm      D 143 mm

Double Row
W 270/540/1080 mm                H 741 mm      D 143 mm

Triple Row
W 270/540/1080 mm                H 1091 mm    D 143 mm

Four Row
W 270/540/1080 mm               H 1440 mm    D 143 mm

Pinboard Short
W 270/540/1080 mm                H 1091 mm    D 143 mm

Pinboard Tall
W 270/540/1080 mm               H 1440 mm    D 143 mm



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