Sketchalot is the world’s first and only modular whiteboard panel that requires no permanent attachment to walls or glass surfaces. Designer Eelco Voogd’s desire to create flexible and creative spaces in any room without regard for wall materials or building regulations makes Sketchalot the space for visualizing great ideas, processes and results in small or large groups.

The construction of Sketchalot allows you to place the whiteboard panels neatly beside eachother, without leaving any space between the wall and the board. Sketchalot takes almost no space in the room, saving precious office space.

The Sketchalot surface is magnetic which increases application possibilities. Sketchalot comes with two easy-to-install detachable aluminium feet, powder coated in white. Sketchalot is intended for the educational sector and for businesses where there is a need for flexible solutions when it comes to visualization and presentation surfaces.






W  790 mm     H 2000 mm     D 210 mm




Eelco Voogd


Product Sheet