THE FLOATING TABLETOP. With a tabletop perched slightly above the frame, Series[n] is truly a stylish selection. A free-willed, airy design perfectly suited to the modern office.

The new Series[n] is a classic and stylish piece of furniture with a smart connection solution. The series' sleek lines and a table top that seems to float above the under frame create an airy impression. There is great flexibility and you can choose between using Series[n] as a freestanding piece of furniture, as meeting furniture or as part of a benching solution, allowing you to connect several tables easily and create many workplaces in a small area. In the benching version the connecting legs are inset beneath the table top so the leg space extends under the whole work surface. Perfect for the modern and creative office.


Laminate desk top
Steel underframe



Series(n) is available in a variety of forms and sizes. Please refer to the link below or contact us for further information. 



Kinnarps Studio


Product Sheet