Robin Boyd: Design Legend

Robin Boyd is one of Australia’s foremost 20th century architectural icons. The work of this designer remains vital and has been reinvigorated in this unique series of special editions.

This collaboration is the product of dedicated passion for Australian Design and ensures Robin Boyd remains a celebrated figure in the world of Design. It is with great excitement and pride we announce this special event.


This exhibition showcases eight photographic homages to Boyd's gift to the Australian Architectural landscape, his triumphal and everlasting private residences, alongside a collection of intriguing architectural models, and a film presentation to mark the one hundredth anniversary of Boyd’s birth.

Immersion is complete once eyes fall upon the reborn 'Robin Boyd' furniture collection. Renowned Graphic Designer Garry Emery revolutionises Boyd's elegant furnishings with inspirational one-off surface decoration. These pieces are sure to become collectors items in their own right. Taking inspiration from the deceptively simple pitches and intersections of Boyds structures, Emery's visual interpretations emblazon the 'Walsh Street Lounge'. The "Domain Chair", proudly displays Robin Boyd's portrait evoking abstractionist painter Gerhard Richter's time passage aesthetic. These limited edition fabrics came to life as Garry carried out the screen printing himself at the studios of Spacecraft fabrics, a now extremely rare occurrence in the digital age.

This collaboration between Heide Moma, the Boyd Foundation and K5 aims to provide us with the chance to experience the excitement Boyd's vision had on his clients and the public all those years ago, but gives so much more as a result.