ResidENCIES is a series of informal presentations hosted by KFive + Kinnarps designed to encourage knowledge sharing and open debate on topics which relate to the design profession. 
Hosted in the KFive Showrooms, each event welcomes a new speaker and offers fresh topics designed to expand our knowledge on local and international design. It also presents an opportunity for our colleagues and clients to connect and share a moment together.




Mia is a Swedish designer who has worked with companies including Materia, Zero, Nola, Ikea, Gemla, Blå Station, Adea and Woodnotes. Mia’s design process is hands on; she is involved from the initial design sketch through to the manufacturing process. Her work reflects a strong emphasis on materiality and a drive towards sustainable practice.

Gülnaz works with Materia and has extensive knowledge of Materia’s ethos and product range. Materia is driven by an innovative design philosophy with focus on the user, and specialised materials and manufacturing methods.



KFive were delighted to host Mia and Gülnaz for our first Residency in Melbourne and Sydney. Our first event was held in our Fitzroy showroom. The night served as a wonderful opportunity for our friends across the Melbourne design community to come together to share in our contribution towards design education.

Mia and Gülnaz presented the principles of Scandinavian craftsmanship and the importance of authentic design. We were so happy to see our audience engaging in discourse. Themes of sustainability and transparent manufacturing processes were discussed, and the contemporary definition of authentic was debated. Our audience of 60+ people represented a diverse range of design conscious Melbournians, so our discussions were vibrant and multifaceted. We hope everyone walked away from the evening with a deeper appreciation of KFive’s passion for sustainable practice. With lots of cheese, small goods and chocolate enjoyed from our neighbours Meatsmith, Alimentary and Huntered + Gathered, we packed up in Melbourne and headed north to Sydney.

Although our Sydney showroom is smaller in size, it certainly packs a punch. We have a huge variety of new products on the floor which reflect our bright Sydney CBD environment. Across the two days, we had many clients visiting us to hear Mia and Gülnaz speak. We rounded off the week with a second evening presentation, which again sparked some debate and plenty of discussion.

We thank Mia and Gülnaz for joining us in Australia to share in design education.

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