Now a favourite of landscape architects, the Parco outdoor furniture group was initially launched with a round table and a sleek swivel seating that can be mixed and matched to create customized seating arrangements. The group has been further complemented by the addition of a rectangular table, a sleek backless bench and an upright bench with armrests and backrests that provide sofa-like comfort. Each piece is made to be mounted directly to the ground to provide permanent fixtures in the landscape, public spaces or private courtyards.


Steel and Jatoba wood



Backed Bench
L 1610 mm     H 770 mm   SH 450 mm

L 1610 mm     H 450 mm     D 420 mm

Rectangular Table
L 1610 mm     H 720 mm     W 700 mm

W 450 mm     H 770 mm     SH 450 mm     D 510 mm

Foot Stool
W 450 mm     H 450 mm D 420 mm

Round Table
Ø 660/1230 mm     H 720 mm



Product Sheet