Located in Carlton, Melbourne, the recently completed Australian Unity Residences was an exciting project for KFive + Kinnarps. The project challenges the way we think about spaces for the elderly. Combining stylish design with comfort and durability, all the pieces were selected to both look good and feel great.


After completing a variety of health care projects over the last 15 years including the Olivia Newton John Centre and The Royal Children's Hospital, KFive felt confident in providing the best solutions for Australian Unity. As with all our projects, interpreting these new spaces for the modern user required a close working relationship with the architect - Fender Katsalidis. Together we defined an aim to achieve something special which veered away from the stereotypical grey, black and beige age care aesthetic. Instead, we worked towards creating a space reminiscent of a luxury boutique hotel, while incorporating the requirements of these special needs users. 

"KFive recommended using a combination of Scandinavian and Italian aesthetics. The Scandinavian feel is reflected in the Jackie Chair by Nordic Care in the Arts Room which was designed to emanate a sense of calm. Simultaneously, the bold Italian design can be seen scattered throughout the lounge area, dining room and library. Many of these products are by Montbel - a family owned company from Italy, who's products are built on quality design ideals. The combination of these two styles provided the space with the perfect balance between an exciting elegant hotel and a peaceful and private communal space." - KFive+Kinnarps  

We are so proud of this project and its objectives, and we look forward to seeing these spaces enjoyed for years to come. 






Australian Unity


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Fender Katsalidis


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Montbel, Profim, Inno and Segis.


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