Mazda approached KFive searching for a solution. A recently completed auditorium space required a chair which was both sleek in design, durable and adaptable. Introducing our solution - the Dry Chair. 


The Dry Chair has a range of features which makes it suitable for a variety of environments. 

Adapts to the shape of its occupant

DRY is a versatile chair designed for several segments of the contract market. The shell of the DRY chair is molded in PUR rubber with in-molded steel structure. When unused the DRY chair is straight and flat, but when used it adapts to the shape of its occupant thanks to the inherent flexibility of its shell.

Light and stackable for the contract market

Light and stackable, with and without armrests and with an integrated linking mechanism, DRY can be used in almost any situation where a large number of people require comfortable seating.

Matches any architectural surrounding

Minimalistic in its expression, DRY is a very “silent” chair that can easily match any architectural surrounding without visual disturbance.


Featured Brands

Dry Chair by  Randers + Radius