The Plint barstool is flexible seating in two senses. The softshaped padded seat allows you to sit in two different ways. Plint is available in two heights, with the bench version being lower and broader, inviting two people to sit together either back to back or side by side. Sitting on this wide stool at a 900 mm high table is a different experience and a very comfortable one. Plint bench is also available with a rocking frame. Plint has been included in the Stockholm National Museum’s modern design collection.


Seat of compression moulded wood and moulded polyurethane foam. Frame of steel tubing, chrome or silver grey or white powder coating. Fabrics/Leather below are recommended for this product. In order to be able to upholster in as many different fabrics as possible, zippers are used for stiffer fabric, which implies an additional cost*. For other requests, please contact our sales support.



Double Bench:
W 600 mm  H 630 mm   D 410 mm

Double Rocking:
W 600 mm  H 630 mm   D 390 mm

Single Bench:
W 380 mm  H 850 mm   D 390 mm

Single Bench:
W 380 mm  H 790 mm   D 440 mm



Sandin & Bülow


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