Mate is a folding stool with a modern design. A classic piece of furniture gets a newer expression, while retaining its smart function. The stool has a wide range of uses. It takes up minimal space and fits perfectly as a visitor's seat in a landscape or next to a patient in a hospital. The pallet can easily be taken on a guided tour of a museum. Why not add someone to your conference room without the number of participants being more than expected? The folding stool is easy to hang up on the hook. 


100% FSC-marked birch wood with fine details in leather and fabric. The fabric is made from 74% recycled material, which makes our folding pallet an excellent environmental choice. 
Available in clear lacquered birch, or white or black as standard. For an addition, it is available in any NCS colour.



W 510 mm     H 440 mm     SH 460 mm     D 400 mm



Product Sheet