1KM DISPLAY is a flexible shelf that can be used as a magazine holder, pigeonhole or bedside table and can be built to great lengths – up to 1km if required. Place the latest edition of all the world’s magazines on the top and the rest of the year’s in the compartment underneath – neat, attractive and practical. You can use 1KM DISPLAY to furnish libraries, offices, hotel rooms, lobbies, dining rooms etc.


1KM DISPLAY comes in freestanding or wall-mounted models in solid oak, ash, standard stains on ash and standard colours on MDF. A drawer is available as an accessory. The wall-mounted model comes as complete sections of one, two or three compartments. If you want to build longer runs, or at least up to 1KM you can use combinations of different starter, middle or end sections. The freestanding model comes in a unit of three compartments in three heights. The frame is made from steel lacquered in standard colours including adjustable feet.



Single Unit
W 379 mm     H 174 mm     D 272 mm

Double Unit
W 736 mm     H 174 mm     D 272 mm

Triple Unit
W 1093/1071 mm   H 174 mm     D 272 mm

Free Standing Single Shelf Unit
W 1093 mm     H 520 mm     D 272 mm

Free Standing Double Shelf Unit
W 1093 mm     H 844 mm     D 272 mm

Free Standing Triple Shelf Unit
W 1093 mm     H 1168 mm     D 272 mm


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