The Korg furniture group is characterised by clean lines and soft contours that give it a contemporary character. A popular choice for outdoor spaces, the series is comprised of armchairs, backed benches and modular seating systems that create multi-sided designs. Korg’s seats and backrests are made from steel thread, giving each product a solid profile, yet allowing light to pass through them. Rain and water run off without leaving any lasting marks, making the products virtually maintenance-free. Each table and seat is attached to a cylindrical support that bolts securely to the ground.





W 640 mm     H 870 mm  SH 450 mm     D 600 mm

Backed Bench
W 1300 mm   H 870 mm  SH 450 mm     D 600 mm

Ø 700 mm     H 720 mm

Building System
Korg Building System Right/left section
W 1190 mm  H 870 mm  SH 450 mm   D 600 mm

Korg Building System Middle section
W 1140 mm  H 870 mm  SH 450 mm     D 600 mm

Korg Building System konvex 90°
W 1060 mm  H 870 mm  SH 450 mm     D 600 mm

Korg Building System konkav 90°
W 1080 mm  H 870 mm  SH 450 mm     D 600 mm



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