The Plockepinn furniture collection has a Scandinavian expression well suited to NC with its function, materials and playfulness. Last year, the collection was displayed as a part of the NC NEXT CONCEPT initiative. This year, Plockepinn is among the NC Nordic Care regular selection of furniture. Gathering its inspiration from a hunting tower, the collection consists of jumble of sticks overlapping each other. In a playful manner, one is reminded of a game of pick-up-sticks, while the sticks also serve a clear purpose. Plockepinn consists of a bench and a high stool that is exceptionally well suited to such environments as cafés and restaurants, where the stool serves as an obvious complement to the bar. The sticks can serve as ladders, hangers for bags or simply as a welcome footrest for tired feet.


Table top in birch veneer or oak veneer, stained birch or laminate in birch, oak or white with sound reducing features (quiet board). Legs and frame in natural birch, natural oak or stained birch. Leg attachment in white, black or silver coloured aluminium.



H 730/750/900 mm     W 800 mm     D 800 mm          

H 730/750 mm             W 1000 mm     D 1000 mm  

H 730/750/900 mm     W 1200 mm   D 800 mm        

H 730/750/900 mm     W 1500 mm   D 800 mm

H 730/750 mm     W 1800 mm   D 800 mm        

H 730/750 mm     W 2100 mm   D 800 mm  

H 730/750 mm     W 1500 mm   D 1000 mm

H 730/750 mm     W 2100 mm   D 1000 mm





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