The Bella Centre exhibition and conference centre in Copenhagen has chosen Abstracta’s decorative Airflake panels as sound-absorber within its premises. Nearly 5,000 Airflakes now adorn the walls of the centre and create a beautiful, calm and harmonic pattern – at the same time as fulfilling an important acoustic role.



Bella Center in Copenhagen has ordered through Abstracta’s agent Punktum Designbrokers Aps in Denmark approximately 5,000 Airflake panels that adorn the walls in a neat, functional and tasteful way. Airflake is a decorative and sound-absorbing screen made from moulded fibre felt. This modular system is built around the shape of a hexagon in a variety of designs and colours that can be freely combined to create a hanging screen.

Bella Center in Copenhagen is the largest exhibition and conference centre in Scandinavia with capacity for more than 20,000 people. The centre is equipped with the absolute latest within design and technology for national and international congresses, as well as fairs regularly held within the interior design and fashion sectors. The objective of including Abstracta’s Airflakes is to lift the building from the 1970s to the current modern style. The whole process has been characterised by acoustics, design, colours and screening. All of these criteria have been fulfilled with Airflake. The product has been designed by Stefan Borselius on behalf of Abstracta.

About Abstracta
We create better soundscapes.

As a pioneer in the field of acoustics, Abstracta has embraced the growing interest in sound absorption and more efficient working environments. Unlike visual landscapes, soundscapes can’t be seen. Sound doesn’t disappear when we close our eyes. The soundscapes that surround us are perpetual and affect us more than we think. Abstracta has used this as its starting point and, combined with the company’s knowledge in this area, has developed products that create effective soundscapes for different office environments. Abstracta is a Swedish company with its own factory in Småland which is home to both production and development. The company has been operating since 1972 and about 50 percent of production is currently exported worldwide. Abstracta is part of Lammhults Design Group.