Como a sofa with austere & elegance, while I wanted it to be inviting and breathe leave. Early in the design process, I decided to make two versions of Como sofa; a tight and looser. In Italy we talk about someone's "Sprezzatura", suggesting that some are a little off stylish and idiosyncratic in its style. That is how I feel about Como sofa. It is well-dressed, but with a twinkle in his eye. 



There are lessons in each project. In this particular case, we have worked extremely hard to build it where the little vivid in the sofa. Not only in outline, but the bottom of each seam and in which some light irregular surface that come from combining the right backing, batting and fabric. It is a bit like baking without prescription. You know basically what the ingredients are, but the amounts you have to try them to. 

I think we generally crave more characterful furniture. Individualism start taking more space in our homes and therefore also in our furniture. With that said, we are still very cautious here in the north. I would like to see even more brush strokes and spretighet in our homes and among our producers. 

The environment is always early in my projects. Design is not just work with pen and paper. Design starts with the really basic questions; Who is the customer, was standing piece of furniture, and how and when used furniture? Often I am also inspired by a specific environment or place when I work on the shape of a piece of furniture. The first brush strokes on the Como sofa was a hazy day in April on a balcony in Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy. Hence the name. I liked the idea of an Italian elegant sofa while there was so Swedish casual and practical. 
How many forms have Como? 

In my realm of thought it could fit just as well in the magnificent hall in the ordinary living room. I think of Como bit like a chameleon who receive different forms depending on the choice of fabric and if you choose to add a decorative stitch or not. It has said that the possibility to buy Como in a little tighter design with well tight dress or a more casual outfit with an extra layer of padding underneath.