Armchair with white pigmented ecstasy at fabric and leather cover. Hanna in Tärnsjöläder has an eclectic nature, which is only waxed. Belt fabric in linen in the seat and back part. Tapestry Crevin Pixel Quilted, available in 4 colours and can be washed with hand wash. Hanna also has seat and backrest in Tärnsjöläder, with no cover. The dill silver is natural gray and is found in the colour of nature. The blanket is replaceable and stuck with pushbuttons.


Armchair in three variations. All three with frame of oak and linen fabric in back and seat.

Hanna Bas with white pigmented oak frame as standard, oiled oak free of choice. Seat cushion is attached with press studs.
Hanna Pixel in fabric Pixel Quilt, available in four colours. Cover is replaceable and attached with press studs. White pigmented as standard, oiled oak free of choice.
Hanna Tärnsjöleather frame in oiled oak, white pigmented oak free of choice.



W 710 mm    H 670 mm  SH 280/330 mm D 770 mm



Emma Olbers


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