Throughout the year we have been telling you about our on-going projects - or something done in the past. Thus, we definitely have to include a DESIGNS&SPACES project of the future into this list as well! Here's one we're particularly fond of..Inspired by the simple hospitality of the Finnish summer cottage traditions, KOTI (= home in Finnish) will surface in January 2017 in the Finnish Institute’s exhibition space in central Paris. The habitable installation, designed and curated by designer Linda Bergroth, will transform the Institute to a village of cozy and light wooden cottages for 100 days. They can be rented via AirBnb and will exhibit Finnish living and top design through a communal-style sleepover. In the summer of 2017 KOTI will return to Finland and canbe booked for overnight stays by visitors in the Valkoinen sali at Torikorttelit, Helsinki. Reservations for Paris started 11 October 2016.


The birch and pine furniture for the cottages is designed by design and architectural office Mattila & Merz for N I K A R I. 

TEXTILES Lapuan kankurit

TABLEWARE Nathalie Lahdenmäki

HOMEWARE Wesley Walters & Salla Luhtasela



BREAKFAST Food From Finland

The project feels quite special, since it starts our 50th anniversary year 2017. It combines many things meaningful and dear to us: local manufacturing and wood material as well as collaboration with skilful artists, craftsmen and designers of different fields. All the N I K A R I products of the project are handmade in Fiskars village, using hydro power as our source of energy. 

for more info and reservations: www.kotisleepover.com

Images : Kaapo Kamu

Images : Kaapo Kamu

Image : Koti, Paris, January 2017. Furniture by Mattila & Merz for Nikari

Image : Koti, Paris, January 2017. Furniture by Mattila & Merz for Nikari