Combo Cross is a hanging sound absorber that encompasses awarded designer Pia Wallén’s most vital stylistic traits: simplicity, playfulness, tactility, as well as her strong passion for crafts. Present in the design is also Pia Wallén’s signature: the cross.
Combo Cross can be seen as a version of the famous Crux Blanket from 1991. Here too, the basic function is protection, not from cold, but from noise. Crosses have been cut out from the felt to make openings – like peepholes.
Pia Wallén’s cross reminds us of the Red Cross, using the symbol in conflicts to distinguish medics from soldiers since the late 19th Century. As a general symbol, the cross has many layers of meanings, such as protection, hope and healing. 


The Combo Cross panel is made from Blazer and comes in a variety of colours. 



W 600 mm     H 2100 mm    D 10 mm  



Pia Wallén


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