The Arena modular seating system is a versatile design that’s simple to assemble, quick to take apart, and easy to store. The system consists of individual seating units, side tables and planters, all designed in a uniquely streamlined style. Each seat is crafted in smooth concrete and produced in a range of muted colours, and underpinned by a slender metal base. Although many modular designs are limited to a small number of configurations, Arena’s versatility enables the system to form a wide range of constellations. The seats are joined to each other via metal fasteners integrated into the bases underneath, with space for the table and planter to attach at the sides. The result is multi-sided seating unit with no front or back, making it an excellent choice for spaces that are accessed from several sides. Arena can expand over time as additional seating is needed, or scale down to make more space available.





W mm     H mm     SH mm     D mm




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