PROJECT 2012 DESIGNS FOR NATURE tells about Nikari philosophy and the Finnish wood design ideology: how Nikari delicately manufacture exquisite quality furniture and products of the local forests’ wood in Fiskars Village. There are 12 months in a year, so twelve designers were asked to study the Nikari philosophy and give their comments to it in a form of a wooden product. Nikari co-operate with the Finnish WWF and part of the sales price is donated to protecting rainforests and forests globally.

“The idea behind the APRIL table family was to create a contrast between the massive socket and the suspended thin table surface. At the same time the skillful craftsmanship can be seen at its best. Different sizes and typologies enable endless possibilities of use.” - Designer Alfredo Häberli


oak, ash or birch
natural wood oil mixture



 150 mm     D 250 mm     H 600 mm

W 300 mm     D 500 mm     H 400 mm

W 500 mm     D 600 mm     H 200 mm


Product Sheet
CAD File