Agora is a collection of upholstered seating, tables and partition panels which takes its name from the ancient Greek polis whose Agora was the center of the city’s life.

Lounge chair, sofa, bench, ottoman and partition are the elements that make up the pleasurable environment by creating comfortable waiting and meeting spaces. The versatile collection is represented by well sized products that can be easily placed in different contexts. Tables of varied heights and dimensions create a unique and elegant mood. The collection is enhanced by straight or curved free-standing sound absorbing partitions in 140 cm or 170 cm heights (55” and 67”) to meet different requirements of the environment by creating privacy or outlining various congurations. 


The Agora range is available in a variety of forms, materials and sizes.



W 700 mm       H 760 mm     SH 450 mm     D 700 mm

W 1370 mm     H 760 mm     SH 450 mm     D 700 mm

W 1650 mm     H 450 mm     SH 450 mm     D 850 mm

Ottoman Small
Ø 730 mm       H 460 mm     SH 460 mm

Ottoman Large
Ø 1230 mm     H 460 mm     SH 460 mm

Ottoman Stool
Ø 420 mm       H 470 mm     SH 470 mm

Table Square
W 700 mm       H 400 mm      D 550 mm

Table Round
W 495 mm       H 400/500/600 mm      D 430 mm

Curved Panels (freestanding)
W 1400 mm     H 140/170 mm     D 345 mm

Straight Panels  (freestanding)
W 1200 mm     H 140/170 mm     D 345 mm

Wall Panels
W 790 mm     H 790 mm     D 30 mm



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