Last month Erna and KFive made the annual pilgrimage to the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the world’s biggest design week. We are excited to share with you all the new products from our brands Segis and Nikari. 



Hammer by Segis

Die-cast aluminum element joins the front legs and circular structure; a detail that for its originality and appeal inspires the name of the collection. The Hammerlounge chair is available with a low or high back, thus fulfilling synergistic needs. Its variety makes it perfect for any environment, from contract to home, from hotel room to meeting room... elegant in every situation.

Favaretto & Partners


Billa by Segis

The feeling of comfort that the Billa armchair inspires is immediate. Characterized by its curved beech plywood backrest, Billa wraps you in a feeling of calm warmth guaranteed thanks to the padded panels upholstered in fabric or leather.

Favaretto & Partners


Agora by Segis

Agorà, a versatile collection of tables in powder coated steel that, thanks to its heights and dimensions, can be easily placed in different contexts together with Agorà upholstered seating or in combination with other lounges.



Edi High table by Nikari

It is a good choice for an ergonomic meeting table and can be used at homes just as well. Like the normal height EDI table version, EDI high is made of ash or oak and the surface treatment is wood oil mixture. Its height can be 900-1050mm, and the table top sizes are editable until 300cm length, according to customer wishes.

Claesson Koivisto Rune

SKANDINAVIA EDI High table_N I K A R I.jpg


Separat by Nikari

A wall divider can be used in office milieus as well as homes, and it is made of Northern pine or European ash. The flexible joints are actually naturally tanned leather, and the surface treatment is our standard wood oil mixture. The SKANDINAVIA SEPARAT height is 130cm and when completely straight it reaches the width 180cm.

Cecilie Manz


Hotel by Segis

Hotel is a modular seating system characterised by a strong expressive versatility conceived for fluid, linear, and angular combinations. Comfortable pieces designed for enjoyable relaxation and conviviality. The collection includes two and three seater sofas plus an armchair; armrest options include an upholstered armrest in two sizes and a tablet arm for computer or other support. Joining tables between the seats or multifunctional tables complete the collection.



Artful by Segis

Table with essential and rigorous lines stands out for its original legs composition. These are arranged perpendicularly as well as at an angle, suggesting a circularity that amplifies the overall lightness of the piece. Solid oak available in natural or black aniline stain, Artful is perfect for both corporate meeting spaces and residential living areas.

Massimiliano Mornati



The current trend with big open spaces, straight parallel walls and glass surfaces creates unpleasant sound reflections. In these cases, it is important to "help" these surfaces in the best way possible to create a pleasant acoustic environment in which people can stay both creative and focused. 



Pillow by Karl Andersson

Pillow (2013) is the ingenious and innovative sound absorber with a clever construction that allows you to cover it with the fabric, with stretch, of your choice. Pillow is made of several materials including recycled textiles and PET plastic bottles. Its measures 530x530 mm with a depth of 80 mm, and you can order it with or without the buttons. You can choose the colour of the button fabric to match or contrast with that of the pillow itself.

Design : Krook & Tjäder Design, Joel Karlsson



Airbloom by Abstracta

Nature, with its shifting seasons and manifold of forms, is the source of inspiration for Air –Stefan Borselius’ influential concept for hanging acoustic partitions. The Air series ranges from abstract cones and snowflakes to leaves and blooming flowers. The Air products can be used in many ways to create transparent rooms within the room and to diffuse unpleasant sound reflections. Thus, achieving a more dynamic visual space as well as a more enjoyable soundscape – a space that not only encourages you to engage in spontaneous meetings and talks, but also lets you work without being disturbed by what happens in your surrounding. 

Designer : Stefan Borselius

2016-12-20-Abstracta-1998_1-1 (2).jpg


Deep Forest by Skandiform

An effective sound absorber that is easy to place and has a filling made from recycled textiles. The discreet design is a conscious interpretation of the saying that you can’t see the wood for the trees – it is meant to blend into the background of the room rather than being the headline act.

Designer: Nina Jobs

“The repeat forest motif has been designed to reflect Skandiform’s aura and create a functional background in public spaces.” 



Lily by Abstracta

Together with Norwegian designers Runa Klock and Hallgeir Homstvedt, Abstracta has taken a new step toward its objective of creating better soundscapes. The result of this collaboration is Lily, a noise-dampening lamp that also visually calms public spaces and opens up office-scapes.
Fully 120 cm in diameter, Lily is intended for lighting large rooms, such as restaurants and open office spaces – environments where both noise and visual information levels are high.

Designer : Runa Klock & Hallgeir Homstvedt

“Dampening noise is important, of course, but so is reducing visual stress,” says Klock.



Airleaf by Abstracta

The new sound-absorbent Airleaf is designed by Stefan Borselius with the aim to let nature in. The leaf-shaped modules can be combined into sound-absorbent screens in a variety of patterns and formats. Much like the previous success Airflake, Airleaf is made to gently separate and to build a pleasant soundscape, while simultaneously preserving spatial openness. The degree of openness depends on how the leaves are combined. Airleaf is made out of moulded felt and is hung from the ceiling. It is just as simple to mount, as it is to vary. 

Designer : Stefan Borselius



Oktav by Kinnarps

Oktav is both an effective and striking wall-mounted sound absorber. Oktav has a very high absorbency is no coincidence - the product’s acoustic characteristics are namely excellent. The fact that the filling consists of up to 60% re:fill, a recycled material containing our recycled waste, also makes Oktav a really good environmental choice. It is easy to come up with striking colour combinations as Oktav is available in a range of colours in Delta and Fenice fabrics. Oktav is supplied with panel brackets and a wall mounting strip to make is easy to hang.

Designer : Kinnarps Studio