On top of the knowledge and experience gained from a career spanning over 20 years in the industry, Erna brings an energy and enthusiasm that inspires her own work and that of those around her.

As CEO Erna watches over all aspects of the companies operations. She curates the KFive collection and the balance between our various suppliers. She also looks after clients and in this way ensures she is aware of the changing needs of our clients and can assist the sales team based upon her own experiences.

Erna has been the driving force behind many of KFive's most notable projects including the The Melbourne Convention Centre, The Royal Children's Hospital and The Olivia Newton John Centre. More recently, it was Erna's passion for sustainable and quality design that ignited the relationship with The Robin Boyd Foundation. A relationship which resulted in the Boyd Collection released in 2017.

Her constant generosity and passion for good design is reflected in everything she does.  

"Because both Kearon and I had over 20 years experience in the industry together and our tastes in design collaborated well. We wanted to have a business delivering honest, clean and simple designs, something that was lacking in the market. We also wanted to have fun with our employees and create a community at work and to this day we've had biannual staff trips oversees and watched our business grow into a nurturing environment which I felt was lacking at other workplaces."